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Are you ready to transform the space of your business aligning with your vibe and essence? 


  • You don't know how to differentiate from your competitors?
  • Your establishment is lacking in good atmosphere and personality?
  • The visual side of your establishment isn't aligned with the essence of your business
I can help you to transform your space with a personalised mural creation aligned with your essence to elevate the vibe and connect with your community.
Now imagine your establishment being a point of reference for your community  and standing out from your competitors.

Imagine having a focal point at your space where your customers can take photos to post on social media in which will attract more followers and new customers.

Imagine a unique piece of art to bring unforgettable memories to your customers making them to recommend this experience to other people.

Now imagine your stablishment being a reference point for your ideal clients bringing the sense of community in alignment to your essence and vibe. 
Who could benefit from having a Mural with essence?
Any business that would like to transform the atmosphere of the environment with an original work of art made according to their values ​​and visions.

A personalised mural can be created for public spaces, schools, offices, stores, cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels, yoga studios...
Any establishment who would like to make their business an unforgettable space for their community. 

What you will receive?
Your Mural starts way before the final result. Here it is a list of what is included in this process:
  • E-mail follow up during the entire process
  • One virtual meeting to align our ideas and visions 
  • 2 exclusive designs for you to choose from.
  • One free design alteration if necessary.
  • All Materials.
  • Execution of the Mural.
Who is Kaína Morais?

My name is Kaina, I have been working as an artist since 2013. 


My connection with art started when I was a child, influenced by my mother who also is an artist and the environment from the colourful and artistic city I grew up called Olinda in Pernambuco. 


In 2019 I started creating Murals and since then I've had the opportunity to help several businesses to express their brand essence through personalised murals bringing more connection and interaction with their customers. 


Art for me is a spiritual practice where I can express who I am. During my creative process I feel it is a portal where I let creativity flow through me. My inspiration mainly comes from nature, human spiritual evolution, the universe and our connection with Mother Earth.


My clients say that my differentials are my versatility and my ease to transform their visions and ideas into a piece of art, 

bringing personality, enlightenment of the space, sense of community and brand exposure.


My mission as an artist is to facilitate communication and expression through art. Today  I help entrepreneurs to transmit a clear message  that connects with their values and brand essence to gain brand exposure optimising profits.

Marble Minimalist Product Customer Review Instagram Post-6.png
Marble Minimalist Product Customer Review Instagram Post-5.png
Marble Minimalist Product Customer Review Instagram Post-7.png
- How long does it take to complete a mural?
Depends on the size of the mural and the complexity of the design. 
A large mural will take a long time but a small mural with lots of details can take as long as.

-What Paint do you use?
I use wall house paint. If The art is outdoors i will use outdoor house paint for the job so they are usually pretty good and resistant to different types of weather.

-Do you travel?
YES! If there is a blank wall you can call me anywhere in the world! An additional fee will be added for travel and lodging.
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