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Kaína Morais

Kaina Morais, a mixed media artist living on the Gold Coast, originally hails from Olinda, Brazil, and has called Australia home since 2008.

Her art is a mirror of her inner world, offering a unique perspective on life on Earth. It's a fusion of botanical elements and visionary imagination. Her wellspring of inspiration flows from nature, the evolution of human spirituality, the vast cosmos, and our deep-rooted connection with Mother Earth.


Kaina comes from a family of artists and grew up in one of Brazil's most artistic cities, where her creative spark was ignited from a young age. After completing her Interior Design course, she ventured to Australia to learn English but ended up falling in love with the country. Five years later, she felt the urge to get back to creating.

Her early artistic ventures included crafting dreamcatchers, macramé, painting mandalas, and experimenting with watercolors and acrylics.

Today, Kaina works as a muralist and also teaches and mentors aspiring artists. As a muralist, she's had the privilege of helping businesses express their brand identity through custom murals, creating a stronger connection with their customers.


Her clients appreciate her adaptability and knack for turning their ideas into art that adds personality, enhances spaces, fosters a sense of community, and boosts brand visibility.

Kaina's love for art education shines through her various classes and workshops, including Visionary Art, Mandalas, and watercolor painting. She has also led retreats across the stunning landscapes of Australia.



Her mission as an artist is to facilitate communication and expression through art. 

Her mantra is that anyone can tap into their creative potential. Kaina fully believes that art is a pathway to self-discovery and healing.

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