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Botanical Acrylic Painting

Botanical art has consistently played a significant role in my artwork, as my primary font of inspiration stems from the beauty of nature. Whether it's the intricate details of leaves, the vibrant colors of flowers, or the mesmerizing patterns of plants, the world of botanical painting has always captivated my creative spirit. It's with great enthusiasm that I've decided to launch this workshop, aimed at sharing the wonders of this captivating realm with all of you. Throughout our time together, you'll delve into the art of botanical acrylic painting, unlocking the secrets behind bringing the natural world to life on canvas.

In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn more about some of the painting techniques I use in my canvases and murals. This class will empower you to create your own botanical artworks.

As we delve deeper into the world of botanical painting, it's important to recognize that painting is not just a creative endeavor; it's also a therapeutic one. Scientifically proven benefits accompany the stroke of your brush. One such benefit is its capacity to alleviate anxiety and depression. When you immerse yourself in the act of painting, you enter a state of mindful presence, offering respite from the stresses of daily life. Moreover, painting has the remarkable ability to nourish and expand your creativity, giving you the tools to express your unique artistic vision

  • Location: Laguna House 

  • 119 Laguna Avenue -  Palm Beach

  • date: 28/04 - Sunday

  • time: 10am - 2pm 

  • Investment: $111

Who could benefit from this experience?
  • Unlock Your Inner Child: This workshop is open to anyone who wants to reconnect with their inner child and unleash their creativity on canvas.

  • For Artists and Non-Artists: Whether you're an experienced artist or have never picked up a paintbrush, this workshop welcomes everyone.

  • No Art Experience Needed: No prerequisites in art or drawing are required to participate. We believe that creativity knows no bounds, and this workshop is designed for all skill levels.

  • Relax and Meditate: If you're looking for a relaxing and meditative painting experience while having a great time, this workshop is the perfect opportunity. It's a chance to unwind, tap into your creative energy, and find joy in the process.

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What Will You Learn?

1. Botanical Drawing and Visual Training: In this workshop, you will dive into the world of botanical drawing. You'll learn how to train your eyes to see the beauty of nature as it truly is and then translate it into drawings.

2. Composition and Colors: Additionally, we will explore essential concepts of composition and colors. You'll have the opportunity to create captivating compositions for your artwork and choose color palettes that convey the essence of nature.

3. Finding Inspiration for Your Art: Discover how I find inspiration for my paintings. We'll explore the creative process together, where to draw ideas from, and how to transform them into art.

4. Transferring to the Canvas and Painting: After honing your drawing skills and understanding the principles of composition and colors, we'll move on to the exciting step of transferring your drawing to the canvas and beginning the painting process. This is where your vision comes to life in the form of art.

What is Included?
  • All Materials: Canvas, 2 types of acrylic Paint, brushes, pencil, eraser, easel and paper towel. 
  •  Snacks + Tea
  • Artwork to take home 
  • You don't need to bring anything to attend this class 
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