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Visionary Art Experience 

I would like to invite you to this incredible  Experience of  Visionary Art where you will immerse yourself in a day of pure magic. In this workshop you will be able to access visions through Breathwork and Meditations and express them through Art. 

Visionary Art is the art that arises from no ordinary states of consciousness and the  art that comes from within the soul and from our connection with something bigger, something deeper. 

You are going to be guided during the entire journey. We will start with a presentation about the amazing world of  ​Visionary Art then Alexandar will guide you into a powerful Breathwork session to help you release any tension, stress or anxiety. After that  Kaína will guide you into this calm and relaxed meditation where we will achieve a sense of inner peace and deep relaxation then we will start with our painting class. 

Kai will take you into the process of drawing and painting showing you unique tecniques she often uses to create her artworks.  After all we will finish with a sharing circle in which we will going to able to dive deep into each other's creations. 

  • Location: Laguna House

  • 119 Laguna Avenue Palm Beach

Who could benefit from this Experience?
  • Anyone who would like to connect or re-connect with your inner child and creativity.

  • Anyone who is open to new experiences and is ready to release any tension or anxiety.

  • Artists & non artist.

  • Creatives and non creatives. 

  • You don't need any pre-requisite in art or drawing to participate in this workshop. 

Claim your spot today!

There's only a limited number of spots and they are going to go fast!

  • Breathwork 

  • Guided Meditation

  • Visionary Art Class 

  • Healthy snacks along the day

  • All materials included

  • Artwork to take home to remember the transformation

  • Create new friends and others like minded souls


  • 8:45 am Arrive

  •  9:00 am Visionary Art Presentation

  • 9:30 am Breathwork  & Guided Meditation

  • 10:00 am Visionary Art Class

  • 2:00 pm Sharing Circle 

  • 3:00pm finish. 

Meet Our Facilitators 
Minimalist Square Photo Instagram Post-3.png

 Kaina Morais is a full time artist who has  been working in the industry since 2013.

Her  connection with art started when she was a child, influenced by her mother who also is an artist and the environment from the colourful and artistic city Kaina grew up called Olinda in Pernambuco. 

Art is her  spiritual practice where she can express herself. 

During her creative process she feels it is a portal where Kai lets creativity flow through. Kaina's inspiration mainly comes from nature, human spiritual evolution, the universe and our connection with Mother Earth.

Kaina works as a muralist, art teacher and workshop facilitator. She had the opportunity to teach over hundreds of people in different art classes and mediums such as Creations of Mandalas, Botanical Watercolour and Acrylics. The Visionary Art Experience is her most recent creation where she can really see the combination of self-knowledge and art bringing a big transformation in each participant. 

Minimalist Square Photo Instagram Post-2.png

Alexandar is a former pro surfer athlete, a yogi, teacher of the law of one, healer, medicine man, artist, performer and breath work facilitator. 

since discovering the power of the breath, he has been an avid communicator and perpetuator of the newer version of ancient breathing techniques. Incorporating the practice into daily living bringing us into a deeper connection within our spiritual path. 

" I love seeing the shift instantly, eyes wide open, fully's just beautiful " 

Looking forward to sharing simple life changing powerful techniques that will assist us in the spiritual terrain of the modern matrix. 

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