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How Tibetan Singing Bowls Astoundingly H


Urban Retreat

An Invitation for you to experience a dive into yourself  through yoga, sound healing and the art of mandala therapy.

The intention of this Urban Retreat is in order to find inner peace amid the chaos of the big cities.

In this one day event we will connect, flow, experience, nourish our body with beautiful food and unleash our creativity through a Mandala Workshop.

Location: Collective Healing Center - Newtown 

Address: 199-201 King Street, Newtown - Enter via Egan Street.


Yoga Practice 

Bring your yoga mat and surrender to the beautiful practice of  Vinyasa flow with our Yoga Teacher Fabi Pereira.

"believing in my purpose of taking yoga as a cure for the world, i have been in australia since 2018, teaching ... learning and bringing out what yoga makes me feel inside"

Mandala Workshop

The Mandala is movement, it is the wheel of life, the image of the universe continuously in the same center, developing towards the outside and at the same time converging from multiplicity to the unifying center. Every human being recognizes this basic model because he brings it within himself.

You will be surprised by everything you will discover about yourself in this mandala workshop.

In addition to learning a beautiful art technique, mandalas will work on your psyche bringing true self knowledge and healing.

Anyone can attend this workshop, you don't need any pre-requisite in Art or drawing to join us. Also you will be very surprised with the creation of your own unique Mandala. 


Breath Work & Sound Healing 

How breathwork and sound healing is related?

Gabriela believes that everything is prana( life force energy) and everything is vibration which create a sound and sound is a frequency.

Tibetan singing bowls are one of the oldest healing instrument. They can used to restore peace into the body. They create a wide variety of harmonious and soothing sound which when played restore vibrational frequencies of the body-mind- emotions to a normal healthful vibration. Imagine your body resonating in harmony with the universe.

Breath and mind are fully connected. Learning how to breath properly makes you  become the master of your own mind.

“If you want to change your mind change your frequency. “


8:00 - Welcome & Welcome Drink

8:30 - 9:30 - Yoga Practice / Sound Healing 

9:30 - 10:15 - Breathwork

10:15 - 11:00 - Morning Tea 

11:00 - 13:00 - Mandala Workshop

13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch Break 

14:0 - 16:30 - Mandala Workshop

16:30 - 16:45 - Break 

16:45 - 17:05 - Sharing Circle & Closing 

17:05 - 17:30 - Sound Bath 

Meet Our Team 

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Gabriela Oliveira

Gabriela was born in Brazil and migrated to Australia in 2004, where she developed professional spiritual coaching skills. For the last 5 years, she has dedicated her life to the Yoga philosophy acquired in multiple travels and courses in India.

Gabriela uses her coaching techniques, breath-work practises and sound healing experience to respectively bring awareness, consciousness and cures to people as well sharing with them her knowledge on how to live a healthier, happier and harmonious lifestyle.  

Gabriela is a mother and also a dedicated entrepreneur.

She is the owner of " YOUGA - consciousness, transformation and healing".

She believes that with consciousness, transformation and healing anything is possible and any dreams can be conquered.

Coach, Breathwork Practitioner  and Sound Healer.

Kaína Morais 

Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist, Art Teacher.

Kaína is a Brazilian born mixed media artist/creative who currently lives in Sydney - Aus for over 12 years.  Coming from a creative family and growing up in one of the most artistic cities in Brazil, from a very young age Kaina was creatively stimulated.

After finishing an Interior Design course, Kai travelled to Australia to study English and ended up falling in love with the country. 

In 2015 she created her Art business - Native Soul where she sells her watercolour originals & prints, creates commission pieces and teaches in person workshops.

Kai also had the opportunity to teach in different events and retreats around Australia. 

Kaína also works as a muralist.

Her inspiration comes from nature, human spiritual evolution, the Universe and our connection with Mother Earth. 

Her mantra is that anyone can tap into their creative potential.

Kaina fully believes that art is a pathway to self-discovery and healing.


Fabi Pereira 

Yoga Teacher, Nutrition & Ayurvedic Student

Fabi Pereira is a yoga teacher originally from Brazil. She has always been into sports, meditation, sun salutations, spirituality and health food. 

Fabi grew up very active, always  combining running, weight training, swimming, pilates, Crossfit, among others ... but it was YOGA that brought her the feeling of togetherness, joining breathing with movements, bringing the mind to the present moment, connecting the internal and the external. It was through this beautiful connection, that she wanted the whole world to feel!

After more than 15 years working for big corporations in Brazil, Fabi heard the true call from the voice inside of herself and decided to do her first 200hrs yoga teacher training in Brazil with Premananda  School.  Not long after she concluded another  200hrs yoga  teacher training in California / USA.


Today she studies Clinical Nutrition at Torrens University in Sydney, Australia. 
Fabi also studies Ayuerveda with Vd. Mateus Macedo from Viva Veda, who assimilates his knowledge of YOGA and Holistic Nutrition working with people and their multi dimensions.


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